Piramida d.o.o.
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Piramida d.o.o. is specialized maker of pharmaceutical glass with 60 years of tradition. Our experience, flexibility and geographical location give us capability to offer top quality product as well as timely and professional service adapted to the requirements of our clients.
ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015

ISO 15378:2015

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Piramida offers high quality
ampoules, guaranteed by its quality control and environment control ISO certified systems, according to GMP standards. Our modern production lines and highest quality raw materials give us production capacity of 400 million ampoules per year.

We offer:
standard ampoules
custom made ampoules



High quality levels, reliability, flexibility and speed of reaction
are the main reasons why you should choose Piramida as supplier of your vials.

We offer:
standard vials
injection vials
prescription medicine vials
screw neck vials
custom made vials

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Standard ampoules Custom made
Standard vials Injection vials Prescription vials Screw-neck vials Custom made
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